Our staff team

We have an excellent team of highly skilled professional Managers and Home care/Support Workers/Personal Assistants to support you. Each staff member undergoes a comprehensive Induction Development Plan prior to commencement of employment and undertakes continuous training to ensure that we deliver the highest quality services to you.

Your homecare workers / support staff / personal assistants

We recognise that your home care/support worker is somebody with whom you can form a special relationship, and for this reason we take great care in selecting a staff member with whom you feel completely comfortable. The worker will be involved in the planning and delivery of your service.

When our homecare staff attend your home they will always be wearing a Navy Tunic or T-Shirt together with an appropriate Identification Badge with a photograph so that he/she is easily identifiable to you to undertake all personal care and support tasks. Senior staff are identifiable by wearing white or Light Blue tunics. They will knock and not try to gain entry without your permission. Wherever we are entrusted with the keys to your home, staff will always knock when using the key so that you know who is calling. If your home is protected by a Key Safe this number is highly confidential to ensure your safety at all times.

Management handing award to a carer Portrait of carer