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Equal Opportunities Statement

A positive approach to equality and diversity allows Willow Homecare & Support Services Limited to select individual best suited for the variety of positions we have available based on their merit alone, free from any bias on the grounds of factors such as age, disability, gender, race or religion which are not relevant to an individual’s ability.

As a company we demonstrate that equality is not about treating everyone the same, but it is about ensuring that access to opportunities is available to all by taking account of people’s individual’s needs and capabilities. Furthermore, we recognize that diversity is about identifying and valuing the differences through includes, regardless of gender, disability, racial origin, religion, and age, and belief and personal values that are held.

Willow Homecare & Support Services Limited are committed to providing employment opportunities to the local community with a diversifying range of backgrounds.

To ensure equality, diversity and inclusion is present in the company it is essential that we promote equality and embrace diversity and treat all employees along with our service users with respect and dignity that they deserve. We ensure that diversity, equality and inclusion is instilled within the foundation of the company and exerted in a manner that is appealing to all.

“Everyone is different and unless employers take diversity seriously, they will fail to recruit, retain and engage the commitment of the talent needed to sustain and improve performance”