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Dementia Care

Around 209,600 individual are diagnosed with a form of dementia each year in the United Kingdom and continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. By 2050, over two million individuals will have been diagnosed with a type of dementia. These are not just statics; they represent the millions of families with loved ones who require special care and support to live a fulfilled lie with dementia.

As a domiciliary provider, we understand that living with dementia presents significant challenges to an individual and their relatives, Willow Homecare & Support Services Limited strives to address such challenges in a person centred and cost effective way.

Willow Homecare & Support Service Limited are competent in providing specialised care packages which can be established, changed and amended to suit an individual living with dementia. Our support workers are equipped with the relevant skills and competences to be able to provide a person centred care package to meet the requirements of yourself or a loved one.

We are a provider that not only provides the care assistance one may need, but also to provide support to relatives who may have a love one living with dementia. As dementia is a progressive disease, it is inevitable that an individuals need will change a long time and our flexibility within the service that we provide enabled us to change not only with the individual but change in accordance to their wishes.

If you would like to know more about what Willow Homecare & Support services Limited can provided to an individual living with dementia then please contact  01472 34422.